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How Personalized Crystal Gifts Capture the Essence of Emotion?

Personalized Crystal Gifts

Expressing our true feelings toward an individual can be challenging, and not all of us are capable of doing it. 

An easier way of expressing our emotions toward our loved ones is by giving a gift that captures the essence of our feelings and says all the things unsaid.

Surprise your loved ones and employees with our Personalised Crystal Gifts and let them know what their presence and efforts means to you.

To help you find the perfect gift that will speak for you and your emotions, 3D Crystals On Us is the ideal place to start and end your research for the best gift that will blow the minds of your loved ones. 


Gifts that you can find at 3D Crystals On Us!


There are a variety of gifts in different shapes and sizes on our Website, which are perfect for every occasion. It doesn’t matter if it’s someone’s retirement, anniversary, birthday, graduation, or even wedding. You can give them a customised Crystals gift with their engraved memories, and the gift will tell them what their presence in your life means to you.

The gift is appreciated and adored more if it is customised, and it reflects that you have put in a lot of thought and consideration while selecting the present, and this thought makes your bond stronger than ever.


Here are some ideas for gifts that can be perfect for these specific occasions and light up the faces of the recipients:


  1. Anniversary or Birthday:

  • 3D Crystal Heart:

3D Crystal Heart is a perfect gift for your friends, partner, or Mom & Dad. Capture the happiest moments in it so that they can remember those and keep their spirits up during hard times. You can also add engraved text that will represent you to them. Our 3D Crystal will steal their hearts the moment they lay their eyes on it.  


  • 3D Crystal Prestige:

Capture the moments that you want to relive over and over again in our 3D Prestige Crystal. This magnificent piece of art will capture the essence of a memory that will mean the most to you and make it more memorable and beautiful. All you have to do is find the moment and send us.


  1. Wedding or Engagement Gifts:


  • 3D Crystal Rectangle Tall:

3D Crystal Rectangle Tall doesn’t only capture memories, it also enhances the beauty of your home decor. This giving is perfect for giving to a new couple who just tied the knot. In a way, you are giving them a perfect momento of their happiest moment which will light up their new home. It enhances them, and the crystal’s shape and style let you keep it anywhere in the house.


  • 3D Crystal Diamond:

Everyone loves diamonds, no matter the size. Whether on a ring or not, it captivates you, making it hard to take your eyes off the crystal. Capturing moments like weddings or engagements in the crystal will be considered a good sign as the diamond is one of the strongest elements on earth, conveying the message that you hope their relationship stays diamond strong and beautiful.


  1. Long Distance Gifts:


  • 2D Crystal Necklace(Heart and Rectangle):

Sometimes having a photo of loved ones can get you through tough times. Keeping this in mind, we have designed these customised necklaces to let you keep your loved ones close to your heart every time. Long Distance relations can be hard, but with this crystal gift, they get a little better; not only that, the necklaces enhance the beauty of the outfit you are wearing.


  • 3D Crystal Keychains(Heart and Rectangle):

A customised Crystal Keychain is the perfect keepsake if you are in a long-distance relationship because you will always keep the keys close to you wherever you go. It is the way to your home and will constantly remind you of your loved ones waiting for you. It also makes your set of keys different from others.


  1. Retirement or award ceremonies:


  • 3D Crystal Ball Award:

Making our employees aware that we appreciate their efforts for the company is essential because doing so lifts the employees’ spirits and encourages them to do the same in the coming years.

The prizes can go to the best team of the year, the best performer of the quarter, the highest sale of the quarter, or a particular project. These kinds of gifts can be interpreted as a form of competition that will increase productivity.


  • This is not all, check out more gifts and awards that will be perfect for any number of occasions.


A variety of presents are available from 3D Crystals On Us for all occasions. We amaze our customers with classic, flawlessly crafted crystalized items that are ideal presents for special occasions.

Check out the Personalised Crystal gifts and tag us on Social Media by sharing clips of the recipient’s reactions.


Making bonds stronger with Crystals


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